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TSBA building management systems are powerful, flexible and scalable, designed for the intelligent control of buildings.  Our open architecture uses industry leading open system protocols including BACnet®, LonWorks®, Modbus® and Niagara Framework®.  Depending on the requirements of the facility, systems will include a combination of servers, workstations, network managers, field controllers, expansion modules and peripheral devices.

Field controllers are offered in BACnet® MSTP, BACnet® IP, LonWorks® and wireless and can be field installed or factory integrated to best suit the application.  Controllers are fully programmable to meet the most challenging applications but also include easily configurable strategies for most systems.

TSBA’s open systems harness leading edge IT cyber security, ensuring that the systems remain protected from unauthorized entry, from both inside and outside the facility.

TSBA’s systems help operators stay connected, anytime and from anywhere.  Remote access through mobile devices offers robust information at their fingertips.  Rich, intuitive graphics and charting presents information in a crisp and clear way helping make those critical decisions easier and more informed and improving tenant satisfaction.  And when it comes time to share information between systems, integration to third party devices is a snap with TSBA’s vast array of communication drivers.

TSBA intuitive building management systems are at the leading edge of smart building technologies and are an invaluable resource in enhancing your building’s sustainability and operational efficiencies.

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TSBA's pneumatic controls feature the simplicity, and reliability needed today. Our controls provide excellent overall performance and a long, trouble-free operating life. The TSBA pneumatic receiver-controllers feature force balance, relay amplification design, in proportional and proportional plus integral models. These controllers, coupled with a complete line of transmitters, indicators, relays, control valves, damper actuators, and P/E and E/P transducers, provide complete system capabilities for any HVAC design.

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TSBA Controls
TSBA Controls

TSBA's electric/electronic control systems are reliable and versatile.   Designed to meet highly accurate conditions, all components are designed to tight tolerances. The system’s controllers are offered in single input & dual input models incorporating on/off proportional and proportional plus integral action.

A complete line of sensors, transmitters, indicators, controllers, relays, transducers, valves and damper actuators offers limitless design applications.

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TSBA’s versatile, full function direct digital controllers distribute system intelligence throughout a facility.  These feature-rich controllers come in a full range of models and sizes designed to control HVAC terminal and central plant equipment, lighting and shading systems.  They communicate over BACnet® MSTP, BACnet® IP, LonWorks® and wireless and support both custom and configurable programming.  As part of a building-wide network, they can share information among themselves as well as with higher network devices, enhancing facility-wide control efficiencies.

These robust controllers include local displays, real time clocks and auto-tuning, making them ideal for stand-alone control, eliminating the need for a supervisory device.  Afterwards, if it is desired to connect the controllers on a network, no changes to the controllers are needed.  Simply install a communication bus to the controllers and begin receiving and sending information.  This flexibility makes them ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Controllers accept a wide variety of inputs including passive and active sensors and maintained and pulsed contacts.  Controller outputs include triac, relay, voltage and current.  Integral universal inputs and configurable outputs provide added flexibility, reducing the chances of running out of I/O.  And for those applications requiring more physical points, simply seamlessly add input/output expansion modules to increase the point count.  Expansion modules are also available in different point configurations providing added flexibility and cost efficiencies.

Powerful and intuitive programming tools configure the controllers with pre-programmed algorithms, requiring no, from-the-ground-up programming.  Instead, select the HVAC equipment and control features desired with the tool, and your program is done.  Input/output point assignments are automatically created.  And for those more complex applications or for those one-of-a-kind systems, the tool lets you create customized programs with its robust array of palettes, function blocks and control modules.  Precise control is achieved with its proportional, integral and derivative control loops.

For control of your HVAC equipment, discover TSBA’s full line of flexible and programmable controllers, sensors and actuators.

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TSBA offers a full line of sensors for room, room flush, duct, pipe surface, pipe insertion, and outdoor mounting.  We offer sensors for sensing temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), air quality, pressure, differential pressure, airflow, liquid flow, liquid level, occupancy and position.  Sensors include hardwired, wireless, and communicating.  

Many TSBA sensors are equipped with integral keypads and displays for adjusting setpoints of the connected controller and displaying the sensed value.  Room and duct sensors are offered in combinations of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 with occupancy sensing on room sensors.  Duct sensors are available in both averaging and single point. 

Our communicating network room sensors are equipped with a data port for communicating to a connected controller, eliminating the need for a ladder or disturbing ceiling tiles to access the controller.  This makes air balancing, commissioning and retro-commissioning faster and less intrusive.   

Our wireless sensors eliminate the need for hard-wired connections, avoiding costly wire installation and disruption to the occupants in the space.  This lowers the installed cost and simplifies sensor relocations when tenant occupancies change.  Simply remove the sensor from where it is to its new location, without the need to extend or run any wire.

TSBA sensors come in attractive styling with room sensor covers designed in neutral colors and low profiles.  Sensors are built with advanced technology for high accuracy and repeatability, plenum ratings and tolerance to ambient impurities.

TSBA’s full line of rugged, high-quality control valves and actuators are built to last.  Our two-way and three-way globe and ball valves have high rangeabilities capable of throttling down to low flows, improving controllability and system performance.   The low leakage designs are best in the industry, eliminating costly energy waste by minimizing unnecessary fluid flows through coils and heat exchangers.  For those larger size valve applications, we recommend our resilient seated line of butterfly valves in sizes up to 20 inches.  The lugged bodies permit removal of downstream piping at full-rated pressures.  A through-stem design provides high strength and positive disc control.

We have valve bodies in a variety of body and trim materials, configurations and pipe connections, including two-way, three-way, four-way, angle, screwed NPT, sweat, flared and flanged.  Valves are suitable for both terminal unit and large equipment applications.   For buildings with high system pressures, valve bodies are available in working pressures up to 600 psi.  

Our valve actuators generate substantial thrusts and torques for maximum closeoffs.  Most of our electric/electronic actuators come with valve position indicators and manual overrides to manually position the valve should the actuator malfunction. 

The electric/electronic and pneumatic actuators are available with integral spring return drives for fail safe operation.  Options for electric/electronic actuators include on-off, floating and proportional operation.   

For balanced flows, our pressure-independent control valves offer unmatched performance.  Our PICV’s eliminate the need for separate balancing valves.  Regardless of changes in system pressures, our PICV’s deliver consistent flows to HVAC equipment.

TSBA’s extensive line of control valves and actuators is your one stop solution for reliable and consistent flow regulation.

Our variable speed drives help save 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control.  They are available in frame sizes up to 250 hp and designed for demanding HVAC applications.  Built-in features like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming and a sleep function help maximize energy savings.  A user-friendly control panel with intuitive interface facilitates setup and drive monitoring.  Embedded protocols such as BACnet® MS/TP, BACnet® IP and Modbus RTU streamlines integration to third-party systems.  Bypass options permit equipment operation on a drive malfunction.   Copy and paste keypad functions allow you to transfer parameter settings from one drive to another.  Drives are available in different NEMA ratings.